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Thank you for visiting! We offer a variety of ways to make your own custom poker chips in a wide range of styles, quantities, colors, and more. We have over 20 poker chip designs to choose from and we offer one of the largest selections of clay poker chips and composite poker chips at low prices. We also provide playing cards from popular brands like Kem, Copag, and Modiano. We carry everything you need to make your own poker game night, such as poker accessories and poker table tops. Customize your cards and poker chips and add a special touch to any game.

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Shopping for new custom poker chips? Watch the video below to see why our poker chips are the best buy around!

Take a moment to browse our custom poker chips page- we specialize in creating custom print poker sets and chips with everything from initials and denominations to company logos and custom artwork. Have an idea, but don't possess the tools to create it? We can take care of that for you with our pre-designed poker chips! Our process makes owning your own set easy and affordable. Just select a chip design and we'll do the rest.

Perhaps the most commonly asked question we receive is "What is the difference between clay poker chips and composite poker chips, and why are clay poker chips more expensive?"

When we talk about clay poker chips vs. composite poker chips we are talking about the material the chips are made of. To start, all poker chips are a composite of materials. There is no such thing as a 100% clay poker chip, as this would be too soft and fragile to use. Most poker chips for the home market, clay or composite, are injection die molded around a metal core, or metal insert.

Clay poker chips

In the past, poker chips used in casinos were made of clay and as such, clay poker chips are considered to be the most "authentic" material to use for the home market. For this reason, demand for clay poker chips is quite high! Unfortunately, this fact combined with the high manufacturing cost make clay chips more expensive. Clay poker chips are often referred to as "clay composite" poker chips. Clay poker chips usually mirror casino poker chips in weight and a standard weight range is anywhere from 9 to 14 grams.

Pros for clay poker chips:

  • Authenticity: Clay poker chips have a more authentic feel and sound when stacked or clicked together. The most authentic feeling and sounding chips are clay poker chips with no metal insert. These sometimes sell at a premium to standard clay poker chips, but without the metal insert the feel and sound is the most authentic available.
  • Stackability: Clay poker chips are much softer than composite poker chips and that softer material makes the chips more tacky when rubbed together, meaning they are easier to pick up in stacks without chips sliding out.
  • Character: Some say that the little marks and nicks that clay poker chips get over time gives them character

Cons for clay poker chips

  • Price: They are more expensive than composite poker chips. High end clay poker chips can cost upwards of $1/chip
  • Customization: While clay poker chips are great for custom labels, the relatively soft material makes them hard to hot stamp, limiting the choice for customization.
  • Softness: Some people feel the little nicks and marks give clay poker chips character over time, there's no denying that they do mark, dent, or chip easier than composite poker chips
  • Material variety: Not all clay poker chips are created equally and some contain more composite than others
  • Loose molds: Because of the relatively soft material, clay poker chips often have less than perfect details where different colors in the chip design intersect

Composite poker chips

The term composite poker chips refers to a material known as ABS composite, a very durable material often used in the manufacturing of pipes and casings. The feel is akin to a high density plastic, though they are certainly not to be confused with the cheap plastic poker chips you can find at retailers like Wal-Mart. Composite poker chips are still usually made with multiple color molds and weigh somewhere in the authentic 9-14 gram range.

Pros for composite poker chips:

  • Durability: ABS composite is a harder material than clay. While clay poker chips can dent, chip, and mark, composite poker chips are extremely hard to damage in any way meaning they will stay looking brand new for much much longer. Composite poker chips with metal inserts are indestructible without the use of tools and a large dose of destructive intent.
  • Looks: Composite poker chips look great. Because the material is harder than clay, it adheres to the molds much better, creating sharper, more accurate details, and often more vibrant color.
  • Customization: Hot stamping is a fast and cheap way to customize poker chips. Many clay chips simply cannot be hot stamped, limiting their customization options to more costly color labels, but composite chips are great for either method of customization.
  • Price: Composite poker chips cost less than their clay counterparts and offer more bang for your buck. While high-end clay chips can cost upwards of $1 per chip, quality composite poker chips can be had for as little as $.08-$.10 per chip

Cons for composite poker chips:

  • Authenticity: Composite poker chips tend to have a more plastic-like feel to them, giving them more of a plastic/metallic "click" when stacked rather than the authentic "thud" of the softer material of real casino chips.
  • Stackability: Because of the hard material, composite poker chips tend to be a bit more slippery when rubbed together, which translates into the need to be very careful when trying to pick up a horizontal stack, lest you want to be playing clean up the fallen chips.


Both clay poker chips and composite poker chips offer a great option for home poker chips. Clay poker chips have the more authentic feel, while composite poker chips are the real value buy. Both can be customized, but there are more options for customizing composite poker chips. As with most things, a lot of it comes down to personal preference.

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